Physicians’ duty to stand for patients means “implement and comply” is not an option


November 15, 2013

2013 Physicians’ Workgroup Meeting, Washington, DC

Thank you, Congressman Sessions and my esteemed physician colleagues for the opportunity to convene, seeking solutions as the Affordable Care Act is resulting in millions of Americans losing their healthcare plans, in spite of the repeated promise this would not happen. Three years ago I stood before a similar group to report on my assigned section of the ACA, as a member of The Physicians’ Council for Responsible Reform. I literally spent weeks reading, trying to understand, and summarizing less than 100 pages. I knew immediately that the ACA was the manifesto for the promised fundamental transformation of the United States of America. The ACA is the usurpation of the Constitution of the United States incarnate. Since that time, the espoused “Law of the Land” has proven to be the biggest fraud and annihilation of liberty ever perpetrated on a free…

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Retired United States Marine, child of the living God, Constitutionalist, Vietnam Veteran, father and grandfather.
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