Flipping The Racism Script

The Last Civil Right

Babette April2Oprah Winfrey has seemed to flip her script somewhat on racism as well as redefining racism with her political party affiliated cohorts. Now it appears that if you don’t agree with the policies nor direction of leadership of someone, you are a racist.  Regardless of your color and beliefs you are racist and to go along with that only ‘they’ (Oprah and the company that votes the same way) can play that limitless-every where-you-don’t-want-it-to-be-nor-should-it race card!

Like so very many others, I used to be a huge fan of Oprah’s, I admired everything about her personality and how well she could communicate with others.  I never imagined the day would come where I cringed and loathed to hear her voice, let alone to see her name in print.  Why? Because it seems like her favorite beat now is racism, and not as it was portrayed years ago when she addressed…

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Retired United States Marine, child of the living God, Constitutionalist, Vietnam Veteran, father and grandfather.
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